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Gervase Phinn

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69 Matthew (son Number 2) and a Black Belt in Karate faces the feared opponent, Kazuki

68 With a student, the Principal and the College Librarian at the Royal Belfast Academical Institution following my talk to the annual conference of the School Library Association of Northern Ireland

67 With two young fans, Tom and Will, after my talk at the Ilkley Literature Festival


65 & 66 Book signing in Doncaster

photos 65 -66 Richard Benson, Danum-Photos

see more photos of Gervase Phinn book signing >>


Little Treasures book launch

Little Treasures book launch at Little Bettys, York, 25th October 2007.

Photos 52 - 64 Bill Wilkinson

64 Gervase at the Dalesman Book Launch

63 Gervase Phinn at Little Bettys

62 Gervase and Christine Phinn

61 Gervase with Christine Jopling, illustrator for Little Treasures

see Christine's website >>

58 - 60 Gervase talks about his new book, Little Treasures


56 Helen Clayton, headteacher of Grassington Primary School, Gervase, Lyn Hughes Art Assistant and Tricia Campbell, headteacher at Town Field Primary School

55 Luke Casey, Presenter of 'Dales Diary', Helen Clayton, Headteacher of Grassington Primary School and myself during filming of one of the programmes in Wharfedale. 

53 & 54 Young illustrators of Grassington Primary School who contributed to the book 'Little Treasures'

gervase phinn in doncaster town field primary school

52 Gervase at Town Field Primary School, South Yorkshire, showing his latest book 'Little Treasures'. Headteacher Tricia Campbell and art worker Lynn Hughes are with some of the pupils. see more photos >>

Photos 52 - 62 Bill Wilkinson (01772 717161, 07802 224790)

51 Gervase with Hilary Masarella, Christine Ayers and The Earl of Scarbrough at the Sandbeck Hall charity event for 'Safe at Last'

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