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A Wayne in a Manger

Gervase Phinn

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A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn

The Nativity Play - A Classical Biblical Story?

Did the shepherds pick their noses whilst watching their flocks?

Did the third king cry when he couldn't hold the gold?

Did the innkeeper really tell Joseph to 'push off'?

Did Mary tell Joseph I'm having a baby - oh and it's not yours.....'?

A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn - photo of book
A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn is a hilarious compilation of  school nativity play anecdotes, told in Gervase Phinn's unique and hugely popular voice.

With beautiful illustrations to accompany the anecdotes, A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn is the perfect Christmas gift for 2006.

A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn book flyer
Available in all good bookshops
0718148924 £10.00 hardback
Also available on audio book
A Wayne in a Manger by Gervase Phinn book flyer - back

The Children’s Christmas Service 2009

A report by Julie Hughes

Children at the Sacred Heart Catholic Church staged an adaptation of the Christmas nativity story. The production of ‘A Wayne in a Manger’ by Gervase Phinn was adapted from his hilarious compilation of school nativity play anecdotes told in his own unique and hugely popular voice.
The children, some as young as three, dressed in a range of costumes - including tea towels and dressing gowns - and produced very funny and well-acted scenes from the nativity.

children in nativity play
Charlotte, as the teacher, tried her hardest to keep her class in line but with the poor behaviour and frequent interruptions, she found it difficult. Frank was fantastic with his Yorkshire accent telling the Christmas story to Mark, and as for Bernie’s snoring on stage as the Innkeeper, she had the whole audience in fits of laughter. The angels, Grace and Eleanor were great with their rendition of ‘Away in a Manger’ even when they were told very loudly to keep quiet.

Shepherds - Rowan, Shona, Ciara, Tom and Ailis - were great, and one or two had a quick change of costume halfway and then became the kings along with Thomas and Leo, delivering the gifts to Jesus with also some very funny lines.children in nativity play

This is not forgetting a lovely Mary (Emer), Angel (Grace) and Joseph (Jack). All in all, this was a brilliant and very funny nativity which gave us all a great start to Christmas.

Many thanks to Pete and Maggie for the many week ends they put aside to help and direct the children.

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