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Little Gems by Gervase Phinn
'Nana, your face needs ironing!'

'The nativity play's off, Miss - the Virgin Mary's got nits'

'When you're dead, Grandpa, can I have your watch?'

'When I was little, I thought that God was like Captain Birdseye without the fishfingers'

Young children are nothing if not honest, and their honesty is invariably disarming and comical. Who better to discover their innermost thoughts than best-selling author and former school inspector Gervase Phinn? From his lifetime of school visits, and talking to parents and grandparents, Gervase has put together a delightful compilation of children's wise words, insightful observations on life and their amusing comments about others.

A delightful compilation of children's wise words, insightful observations on life and their amusing comments about others.

ISBN 1 85568 212 5, 96 pages hardback, £6.99

To order a copy, telephone (+44) 01756 701033, visit the online bookstore at
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The Little Gems ebook is now available from all the major eBook retailers worldwide, including

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 CD Little Angels by Gervase Phinn  CD Little Gems by Gervase Phinn

Little Gems and Little Angels on audio CD, read by the author, £11.99

Book cover illustrations for 'Little Angels' 'Little Gems' & 'Little Treasures' by Christine Jopling
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